Thursday, September 26, 2013

God is so Powerful!!!

I am feeling so blessed today.  I just had to share.  God has had his powerful hand in all of this illness (as he always does, but sometimes we just don't see it!).  He has been making Himself known to me in such wonderous ways.  I just have to list all of this in one place.  I am certainly learning that things do happen in in His time.

1.  December 14, 2011 - first experienced severe pain in my right collarbone and the bone moved.  Pain finally eased but bone stayed out of place. 
2.  May 30, 2012 - Trying to get up from the ground where I had been sitting doing some work experienced severe pain again.  Went to physical therapy and they were able to place bone back and relieve the pain.  Still had a knot.  No doctor would address the knot.  They all wanted to talk about my shoulder although I wanted them to address the collarbone.
3.  November, 2012 - went to Cherokee with church and threw the collarbone out yet again.  Severe pain.  Again physical therapy to relieve the pain and again the doctors ignore the knot on the collarbone.  I felt the bone was out of place.

Ok, you ask, where is God in all this.  Oh, He was there all the time.  I just wasn't seeing Him in all this.  That sounds typical, doesn't it?  Please just keep reading.

4.  May 20, 2013 - My aunt died in Oklahoma.  I made arrangements to go to the funeral and to be with my mom.  Only problem was, Mom died on May 25 before I got there.  It was a very fast trip from TN to OK for this double funeral and we stayed when and where we could for accommodations (no handicapped motel rooms available when we would stop on the spur of the moment).  So I called back to the doctor and physical therapy to have it scheduled for when I got back.

(this is where it gets good)

5.  June 3, 2013 - Went to physical therapy but this time the pain was different and the knot on my collar bone was different.  My physical therapist insisted that I see a specialist in collar bone and shoulders.  He saw me in July and ordered

6.  August 6, 2013 - Diagnosed with cancer in 4 places.  Hang on, now, it gets so fast. 

7.  August 12, 2013 - Oncology appointment with Dr. David Aljadir.  He sent me for bioposies and to be evaluated for radiation.

8.  August 27, 2013 - Radiation appointment with Dr. Joseph Kelley. 

9.  September 4 thru September 17, 2013 - 10 days of radiation on my collarbone and T-12.  The knot on my collarbone is smaller. 

10.  September 16, 2013 - Dr. Aljadir told me lung cancer can be completely cured with CyberKnife.

11.  September 17, 2013 - Dr. Joseph Kelley sent me to a pulmonary doctor and told me I will be scheduled for CyberKnife no later than the end of October.  I committed to staying in Knoxville area until then for this treatment even though we think the job will finish up the end of September.

12.  September 20, 2013 - Pulmonary doctor - Dr. Paul Branca - made me an appointment for placing gold fiducials.

13.  September 23, 2013 - Insertion of fiducials (5 pieces of gold about the size of mustard seeds).

And now, the topper...

14.  September 25, 2013 - Received word that our job is extended yet again (we thought it would be over in March of this year but keeps getting extended a little bit at a time).  This time they have enough funding to go until....... End of October or 1 week in November!  

God is so good.  He has not only put me and kept me in this area for diagnosis and treatment.

And He keeps us employed so we can afford to stay here.  He got me to the right Cancer Center (University of Tennessee Medical Center) and to the right doctors.

3 doctors - named David, Joseph and Paul (all good Bibical names)
Immediate appointments when others could not get me in for three weeks.
Gold fiducials about the size of "a grain of mustard seed".
Extension of job to just exactly the time we need to get this first phase of treatment.

And, if you have read this all the way through, I appreciate it.  And if not, well, it has been good for me to list it all as a reminder of how good and powerful God is and to remind myself to watch for God in everything.

Thank you, Lord, for all these reminders that you are in everything,  Help me to never forget that and help me to praise you in all things.     Amen.


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