Monday, September 16, 2013

Latest report on biopsies and other info

What a wonderful weekend!

The weather was absolutely beautiful, in mid 70's and low 80's days, and mid-50's at night. 

And there's something about being told you are have not been given a death sentence that makes every day more wonderful.

After the doctor called on Thursday and told me that the lung cancer is actually confined to the lung and can be treated, I felt as if a weight was lifted off me.

Today we sat that same doctor to get his plan for my recovery. 

1.  Kill out the lung cancer by using the CyberKnife for 2 to 5 treatments.
2.  Chemotherapy (several, number not specified, cycles).  The therapy he has recommended is a combination of 2 things.  Shots to be given in my stomach, not through IV or port.  A cycle is 28 days.  One shot per week for 2 weeks then off two weeks.   I think even I can handle that.
3.  A bone marrow transplant.  This is an option that would probably extend the time before the possibility of the cancer returning for 10 to 15 years.

He has recommended that I go to Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN to be evaluated for the possibility of the transplant.  I have told him that I would prefer to have that evaluation (and possibly treatment) in Oklahoma where my family would be closer.

This transplant would consist of the following steps:
1.  I would have to be evaluated to see if I am a candidate.
2.  I would have to accept having that treatment.
3.  I would take chemo until they get rid of the cancer.
4.  They would give me shots of something  to make me produce more white cells.
5.  They would draw my blood (not bone marrow) for two days straight. 
6.  They would store this and be able to pull out the items needed for the transplant.
7.  They would give me intensive chemo and I would have to be hospitalized in isolation during this time.
8.  When my body was ready (all bone marrow killed) then would then give me the transplant but it would be my own marrow and cells.
9.  I would stay hospitalized for another period of time, in isolation, until recovered (another 2 or 3 weeks).
10.  This would extend my life by several years.

I would certainly like to hear any feedback that you can provide.  I don't know even if it is a good thing to do.  He said he would not even suggest it if I was 80, but since I was "a young woman" (his words, not mine, for all those who are laughing right now).  I thought it was a great compliment since I am applying for my Social Security this week (I will be 65 in February).!!!

The reason he would do the chemo as listed above is to make me eligible to do the transplant.  If I chose not to do the transplant the treatment would be different and more aggressive.

I see the Radiation Oncologist tomorrow to do my final radiation treatment and find out when he will do the CyberKnife.   

Part of my question is whether the job will last long enough to do the therapy.  When this job is over we will be going to Oklahoma.  But the doctor says that this treatment can be done anywhere.

I also see the pulmonary doctor on Friday.

Will not post again until after the Friday appointment, but do hope to hear back from some of you to help me make this decision on the transplant.  You can call 918-284-9117, email or reply to the blog. 

Looking for a little feedback,

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