Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Latest Update

Well, it has been a while since I wrote.  To be truthful, I forgot my password!  That is so crazy.  I never forget my passwords (and I have a lot of them).

But this blog is about my cancer diagnosis and treatment and my feelings and thoughts.  So, here goes.

On Friday, September 20 I saw the pulmonary doctor who then informed me that I was scheduled for a CT scan that same day.  So I got two appointment for one trip.  I like that.  I also had to do some breathing tests.  Guess they wanted to do as much in one day as possible.

Then, I was scheduled for the placement of the gold into the lung tumor.  They are called fiducials and are to help guide the CyberKnife.  I just didn't expect to have this procedure quite so quickly but I am glad that it was done.  They went down my throat, and into the lungs.   They placed 5 small gold pieces (about the size of a grain of mustard seed).   While they were in there they also biopsied a couple of lymph nodes that are between the lungs.  Not that they think there is anything there but just to be on the safe side.  Better to do it while I was comfortably asleep (thanks to Propopal, yes, the Michael Jackson drug) than to have to face another biopsy later.

I am having a little problems from the procedure but none that are unexpected.  Any time they disturb the lungs and that whole area there is a little discomfort and coughing.  That's about it. 

Now I have to wait for the results of those lymph node biopsies.  If there is not any disturbing there we will still have to wait 7 to 10 days before the next step.  This is to give the fiducials some time to settle down in the tumor.  Apparently they will possibly shift some for the first few days.  Then after they settle the next step will be to have a CT scan to mark out the path of the CyberKnife.  Then another wait while the Physics Department details exactly how the CyberKnife will work. 

The way I understand it the CK (for short) will go around my body in a 360 degree circle.  Imagine the face of a clock.  It has 60 minutes.  Well, the CK will hit 100 points on it's way around.  Each time it will connect to one of the fiducials so it is always exactly on the tumor.

Only 3 to 5 treatments lasting about 2 to 3 hours and that tumor will be gone, probably to never return.

Oh, yeah, and I get to keep the gold!  The tumor will die leaving just scar tissue.  The gold will remain in there.

So, just remember the next time I see you, I am worth more than I was the last time you saw me.  After all, gold is worth a lot these days.  LOL

My general health is still very good (as good as it ever was), my spirits are great and I am looking forward to getting this cancer out of my body so I can quit having so many doctor appointments.

I have many other things that I want to do including working on our wooden toys and games, taking them to craft shows and working on our web site.  If you haven't checked it out go to  Doesn't look too bad even if I do say so.  I have prepared it with a LOT of help from my brother Steve.  We have very interesting lessons over Skype.  He is in Ecuador, I am in Tennessee.  But he is an excellent teacher and is very patient with me, even when I am being thickheaded.  Thanks to him it is looking good.  Now we have to wait to see if the public finds it and wants some of these awesome toys.  Wish us luck.  I would love to be able to make enough money on the toys that we could actually not work so much and still be able to do some traveling.   We can do this because we have our workshop in the trailer that carries our car.  So we can be anywhere and still make toys.  I love it.  Wish we had done this years ago.

I don't have any appointments scheduled at this time.  I am enjoying not having to go to Knoxville this week and I'm sure that Keith is glad to have a week of not taking me.  He does not like hospitals and sitting around and waiting but he is being a great strength.  Our pastor showed up Monday to keep him company and make sure he ate lunch while waiting for me.  Thanks, Pastor Couey.  Really appreciate it.

I am taking our toys to a craft show on October 5 and sure hope it is nice weather because it is outside.  Keith can't go with me but I have a friend who will be there with her stuff.  She and her family have offered to set up the tent and tables and help me if I need it.  I really appreciate that.

Have a great week.  I know I will.

Love to all,

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