Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September 4 - 1st day of radiation

Today was two firsts.  I had my first radiation treatment and I got my toenails painted at the nail shop. 

After they got finished marking me all up with a Sharpie pen they finally did the radiation treatment.  I could not tell that anything was going on but they told me to expect that.  The radiation machine is very large and moves around me.  They hit the collar bone on an angle and the one on the spine from the front and the back. 

The only discomfort right now is from the biopsies from yesterday.  I am still pretty sore.  I told Keith this morning that I felt like I had been run over by a Mack truck.  I am just sore all over more than anywhere else.  I'm sure the soreness will go away in another day or two.

I am going back for Radiation every day (except weekends) for 10 treatments.  They will not take as long as it took today, so they tell me.  They said that since they have the marks on my skin that it will be easier to position me the rest of the time.  I am just glad that I have started on treatments.

The only problem I have is that the doctor will not let me take my Zeal Wellness Formula.  They said there is too much antioxidants in it and that will work against the  Radiation.  What a bummer!  I need the Zeal to feel better because of all the other stuff wrong with me ( post polio, arthritis, etc.) and it helps to curb my appetite. 

So I hurt, ache, eat everything in sight, etc.  Sure will be glad when I can start taking it again.  I just don't have any energy.  I haven't be able to take it now for about 10 days and I really miss it.  Oh, well, it won't be long before I can start on it again.

Then, after the radiation we stopped at Walmart so I could get a pedicure.  I have had them before (only a couple of times) but never got polish put on my nails.  So I decided to go all out.  Told the tech to pick a color.  He picked bright blue with sparkles.  I guess no one but me will know what's on my toes.  I'm sure none of you will tell!  LOL

Well, that's my tell all for today.  Nothing too exciting.  I probably won't write again until after I see the doctor on Monday.  He will give me the results of yesterday's biopsies and then I will know all that is wrong.  Then we can get going on all the treatment and find out the prognosis.

I have put myself in God's hands and have asked that His will be done.

Keep up the prayers and good thoughts.  I really appreciate all of it.

Until next time.


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