Thursday, September 12, 2013

God is still in the Miracle Business

After being told on Monday that it was possible that I might only have 12 months to live if the remaining spots were Lung Cancer, the biopsies came back with those spots being multiple myeloma.  PRAISE THE LORD. 

My doctor, Dr. Aljadir, personally called me at 8:10 am after he presented my case to the tumor board this morning.  He said, "I thought you might like this news sooner than later and that it might help you have a better weekend."  He then told me that they will be able to treat the one incidence of lung cancer with the CyberKnife in about 3 treatments.  That will be wonderful.  I can handle that.

Will find out all of the details of treating the multiple myeloma (chemo) on Monday and then will let you all know, but had to share this great news now!


A much happier person this evening,

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