Thursday, August 29, 2013

Salsa anyone?

August 28 - Wednesday.

Boy, I am so tired.  We bought two boxes of tomatoes from a local produce farm late yesterday afternoon.  

We have made about 48 pints of salsa, which is kind of hard to do in a motor home.  We had two crock pots going, one to use to blanch the tomatoes.  The other was to cook the salsa.  Then we had a big canning pot on the three burner stove to use to do the actual canning.

Needless to say I had tomato juice everywhere.  I sat at the dining room table with a crock pot by my side to use for blanching and the other pot for "cooking" was on the table.  I blanched, cooled, pealed, and chopped tomatoes then cooked them and filled jars until I just gave out.  Keith handled all the standing up work, sterilizing the jars and flats, attaching them to the filled jars, then putting them in the canning pot and then finally taking them out so they could cool.   We still are not finished but I just had to stop for the day.  We will finish them either tomorrow or Saturday. 

But even though we are both extremely tired we enjoy hearing the satisfying "pop" as the jars cool and the flats seal. 

We wanted to get the salsa made before I start chemo because we were afraid that I might be too tired to be able to make as much as we wanted.  We made some last year but didn't make enough to last the whole year.  We have been having to eat "store bought" salsa.  Not as good as ours was.

We are having a cookout for Monday with friends from church coming over.  That will be nice because we don't get an opportunity to have friends over very often.

Tomorrow I am going to the Social Security Administration office to see about applying to my Social Security.  Here I have been worrying about a lot of things and just realized that in 5 months I qualify to apply for Medicare.   Had been holding off about applying for SS benefits but decided I might as well apply because I won't be able to work any more at the work I am doing when this job is over.  I have to move around to do my work and I want to stay with a doctor until my treatments are over.  We will stay here in the Knoxville, TN area until we get finished with the job  so I am getting my care at the University of Tennessee Cancer Center.  Like the doctors so want to get as much therapy with them as I can.

Well, I am getting really tired.  Unwinding from all the work today.  Now it's time to relax.

Have a great evening.


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