Friday, August 16, 2013

August 16 - 5:14 pm - Biopsy is done!

Had my scheduled biopsy of the collar bone and lymph node.  After a 3 hour delay in getting started we finally got it done under just local sedation.  I had a chance t see the CT Scan of the site they were testing.  The tumor has attached itself to (and even replaced) the bone.  The tumor is pretty large looking to me but the report says it's about 1" square. 

One complication is that my blood pressure was off the charts at 236/105 at the highest.  They almost didn't do the biopsy because of it.  It's down some and the biopsy is over.  At least I wasn't sleepy so was able to go to the Apple store and get my Iphone fixed.  It wasn't ringing because the speaker was out.  So if I missed any phone or texts from anyone it wasn't my fault.  LOL

They tell me I may be pretty sore from the biopsy site to the point I may have a problem using my crutches for a few days.  That's OK.  I plan to work on our toy webpage this weekend anyway.  My brother Steve is going to help me with it. 

Now the countdown begins for the next step.  Only 7 days to go to get an answer.

Received several texts today from well wishers.  Thank you everyone.  It really helps to know that others are with me on this journey.

But I have to remember that God is in control and we want His Will to be done. 

Have a great week!

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