Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Aug 11 2013

August 11, 2013

Well, just one more day and then we start getting some answers.  I am seeing Dr. David Aljadir tomorrow morning at 10:15 at University of Tennessee Cancer Center.  I am very anxious to get started.  This not knowing is the hardest. 

I went to church today and was blessed by the sermon and the special music.  God knew exactly what I needed.  Then had lunch with my friends +Donna Couey and +Bonnie Honea at Texas Road House.  We had a good visit. 

Hope the doctor will be able to do the biopsy tomorrow and get the results.  Sure hate playing this waiting game.  I think I will be OK when I can find out for sure what the diagnosis and prognosis is. 

I was greeted by each one at church today and told how they are lifting me up in prayer, from the youngest to the oldest.  Sure makes me feel good to know that so many people are holding us up to the Lord for healing and support.  I know they will be with us in spirit as well as my family will be. 

I am not alone in this.  The Lord is in control and I have all my friends and family there too.  It is a wonderful feeling.

More after the doctor tomorrow, when there is more to report.

Today I leave you as
A very lighter hearted Jean

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  1. Sorry we weren't there. Love you and praying for you!