Thursday, November 14, 2013

Oklahoma update

Well, we have arrived in Oklahoma.   Actually got here Monday, the 11th after leaving Tennessee on the 4th.  We stopped in Texas for a few days at Eisenhower State Park.  Had a visit with our son and his family before moving on to Oklahoma.

Before we left our wonderful crew in Texas gave us a wonderful parting gift.  They gave us a gift card for fuel.  It was very unexpected and greatly appreciated.

The Lord is so good at taking care of us, isn't He?

Then when we got close to Oklahoma we found out that the RV park where we planned to stay did not have any openings.  But we were lead to another park (only a few miles further from the medical complex) that is a few dollars less per month an is absolutely wonderful.  We are set up on a beautiful new slab (so no mud to continue with after a snow or rain) with plenty of room to set up our trailer with full electric so we can work on our toys (and possibly keep a little income coming in). 

The first appointment with the Stephenson Cancer Center at University of Oklahoma Health Sciences is Tuesday, November 19.  I am scheduled to see a Dr. Yin (Yen).  Don't know anything about them but I am certain that it will exactly the Doctor that I need to see. 

We are also planning on visiting the Mustang Church of the Nazarene with our daughter this Sunday.  Our pastor and his wife are friends with members there. 

Will post more after seeing the doctor on next Tuesday. 

Keep praying for me as I know that's why things are going so well.


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