Friday, November 1, 2013

November 1, 2013


But I have to catch you up, first.

Friday, Oct 25 I got a call to start my cyberknife treatments on October 28.   So I had a treatment for three days, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.   The treatments lasted about 1.5 hours and so far I have had no side effects other than a little soreness in my back caused by laying flat of my back for that hour and a half each day.  I may have a few other side effects but whatever they are will be nothing compared to the 90 to 95% cure rate for this type of lung cancer that I have/had.

I also saw Dr. Aljadir on Monday the 28th and he is trying to get me an appointment with the Stephenson Cancer Center at the University of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City.  They will treat me for the multiple myeloma and I will have a recheck for the lung cancer in January.

I am so glad to be going on to this next step for getting rid of this cancer.

Because of our friend John we were able to go to church together last Sunday and had a great time with our church family at a final lunch after the service.   Almost 30 people turned out to tell us goodbye.  We even accused one man of wanting to buy fuel for the motor home just to get rid of us.  He denied that (and did not buy any fuel, which we did not want, anyway).  

On the last day of treatment, Wednesday, we met with Ray and Donna Couey (our pastor and wife) and Gary and Bonnie Honea (our closest friends at church) for the final, final contact with our Knoxville-area friends.  It was bittersweet as we ladies tried not to cry, but we were not very successful.

Now we have been trying to finish up everything else and keep ourselves busy until we can leave on Monday, the 4th.

Our replacement crew will be here on Sunday so we can show them the ropes, we will work Sunday night, and then they take over as of Monday.  We leave before noon (as soon as the dog gets groomed) and away we go.

Going to Denison, Texas to visit our youngest son and his family before going on up to Oklahoma City.   We always look forward to having our two grandsons, Glen and Tyler, visit with us at the lake when we get to see them.  It has become a tradition that we spend our time with them so we can have cookouts and fish for the weekend.

THIS JUST IN:   Got a phone call from the doctor's office.   I now have my first appointment in Oklahoma, November 19 at 2:00 pm with a Dr. Yin (or Dr. Yen).  They didn't tell me how to spell it but it doesn't matter.  I am on my way toward getting cured.

I will keep posting to this blog to keep all my friends and family posted about the treatments.  Love to get your comments.   And, Gary, I can't wait to get home either!   Looking forward to seeing you and your family soon.

Love to all.   I probably won't post anything else for a few days but I do appreciate your prayers and thoughts.


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